One Act takes third


Ann Peacock

The cast comes together on stage to act out the play, The Last Illusion, practicing before heading to their competition. One Act is a competitive theatre competition that Lee County participates in every year. Wyatt Wynn (10) said, “I love acting. To be able to tell another’s story by portraying their responses is so fascinating to me.”

The One Act play was titled The Last Illusion and the show displayed the thoughts that went through Houdini’s and his loved one’s minds as he faced death and lost the battle.

One Act is a theatrical competition involving several schools in 2A to 7A. According to the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) rules, “three judges [are] selected for each classification in the Region/Area and State competitions.”

The cast included…

  • Keith Peacock (12) as Harry Houdini
  • Sam Ferrell (11) as Martin Beck
  • McKinzie McTyeire (12) as Bess Houdini
  • Wyatt Wynn (10) as Theo Weiss
  • Madison Folds (12) as Celia Weiss
  • Megan Moshell (12) as Margery Crandon
  • Haynes Sharpe (12) as Gordon Whitehead
  • Ace Miller (12) as Hereward Carrington
  • Javy Fajardo (12) as George
  • Sarah Prickett (12) as Mary
  • Rachel Ward (12) as Beatrice
  • Keyanna Carter (12) as Evelyn
  • Gracie VanBrackle (12) as Myrna
  • Jagger Price (12) as Paul
  • Gavin Baker (12) as Dr. Crandon
  • Chloe Poole (11) as Assistant 1
  • Paris Biery (10) as Assistant 2
  • Ally Thompson (10) as Assistant 3
  • Chloe Butts (10) as Assistant 4
  • Austin Shiver (12) as Reporter 1
  • Justin Ferdinand (10) as Reporter 2
  • Morgan Millsaps (11) as Society Lady 1
  • Lexy Cravens as (11) Society Lady 2
  • Devan Milling (12) as Society Man
  • Javy Fajardo (12) as Sheriff Williams
  • Alaynnah King (10) as Audience Members
  • Lauren Thornton (11) as Audience Members

The production staff was made up of…

  • Hannah Chapman (faculty), the Director
  • Jude Mullins (11), the Stage Manager
  • Kelly Kennedy (10), the Assistant Stage Manager
  • Dylan Brokamp (12), the Light Board Manager
  • Arasan Veluswamy (11), the Spotlight Operator
  • Austin Sconyers (11), the Sound Operator
  • Nic Gowdy (11), as the Stage Crew
  • Lawson Sandefur (10), as the Stage Crew
  • Renea Mullins handled costuming

Throughout the play the audience meets those closest to Houdini, the ones that knew him as Harry. These people include his mother played by, his wife, his brother and his friends.

In preparing for the stage Wynn said, “[I] jump. I don’t get nervous very often so whenever I’m about to preform, adrenaline builds up and I get so excited so I start jumping in place to relieve that rush.”

In One Act the cast must portray the script/play as week as possible but also make it their own at the same time which can be difficult. One of the ways they have made it their own is their interpretations of the characters and how they would act, talk, think and behave.

Fajardo said, “Adding different accents as well as interpretations of the characters [made it our own].”

In the end, Houdini does die, however in the final scene he finds a way back to his wife.

One Act placed third overall in the AAAAAA (6A) competition. Peacock and McTyeire made all-star cast.