The technical side of music


The new music tech class works on the set for the upcoming chorus concert. This class focused on how to produce music this past nine weeks. “We’ve learned a lot since the beginning of school and can’t wait for what comes next,” Ryan Merchant (10) said.

On top of two very successful music programs, the school has now added a third option; music technology. This class is open to all students on the main campus and is helping to expand both the choir and band programs by releasing videos and pictures to the internet.

The students that participate in this class come up with creative ideas on how to get recognition for the music program out in the global community. They use social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to promote their videos and pictures. Most of the students that are taking this class are wanting to pursue a career involving music technology. These students intend on becoming music producers or want to be film makers, and this class is the perfect way to get their foot in the door.

Future music producer, Ashton Denning (10) has high hopes in regards to the new tech (music) class.

“I believe that this class will definitely help me in the future with my career choice.” Denning said, “But I also think that this class is also just a really fun class to take. It’s a nice break from the rest of the school day.”

Since this new tech (music) class is centered around editing and creating music, most of their time is spent at a computer. Ryan Merchant (10) said, “Well, music tech is about producing music. So, we mostly sit in the computer lab focusing on how to create music and how to improve video quality of music videos that the choir does. When there is an upcoming concert coming up, we also help set up for that. Overall, the class is a lot of fun.”

The idea of a music tech class was first mentioned back when the choir released their first ever music video “E Oru O” on YouTube. The goal of having a music tech class is for the choir, and also band, to produce their own stuff without the need for other companies to come in to record.

Music tech teacher Bradley Bunce (faculty) is very excited about this class and says, “I was spending more of my time setting up things for concerts and listening to music edits rather than actually helping my choir students. So having this class has really helped my time management and build better relationships with my students.”

The future of the tech class remains to be seen after the success of this year.