Volleyball second round playoffs



During an intense game Coach Davis talks with the team to get a game plan. She keeps the girls upbeat and in a good mood.She wants the best result for this game

Lee County High school’s volleyball team has achieved a very high level in the 2019 GHSA Volleyball state playoffs. They are currently the region champions. On October 23 they went up against Pope High School. Pope is a high school located in Marietta,GA. Unfortunately Lee county lost against Pope with a score of 3-0. The team worked really hard this season and made many new practice adjustments.

Jordan Perkins (11) said “The adjustments in the practice before state vs. now is that practice is most definitely more serious.” 

The team had plans to go further than ever before.

Coach Davis (Faculty) said “From day one I knew we were going to get somewhere this season.

The team went through many obstacles this season.

Davis said, “We’ve had players trying to quit.”

There are many school rivalries, but some schools are harder to play than others.

“Pope high school was most difficult school to play against,” Trista Karst (11) said.

Erica Irby (10) said “We believed we were going to win but unfortunately we didn’t.”

Majority of sports team have pre- game traditions, including the volleyball team.

Perkins said, “We typically listen to music for our pre-game traditions to get pumped up.” 

 “We do a chant every game,”Irby said.

There are many things the coach did to prepare the team for victories. 

“We worked very,very hard,” Davis said.

It is typically hard to win state or even region back to back, so the team knows it will it be hard to get this far in the season next season again.

Davis said “[Our competition] will watch our film and know our weaknesses.”

In order to be more prepared for games, the team has taken a different approach to practices.

Karst said , “It has been more intense.”

Team bonding is a good aspect as a team and can positively affect the team relationship.

Irby said “We all get along. We are more than just teammates.We are like sisters.”

Getting to second round was one thing, but playing the game was another.

“Losing this game was very devastating,” Irby said.

To go even further than previous years, the team will have to make some changes and adjust.

“We won’t need to change much. We will just have to go harder,” Karst said.

Davis said “[We] give the games your all no matter what.”