New art displays


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A totem consisting of a fox, dragon, eagle, lion and rhino sits in the 600 hall. This totem was created by one of the students of Megan Lisenby's art class. " I choose and sometimes allow my advanced students choose so we can do critiques with artwork that isn't their own and so we can talk about how art is displayed," Lisenby said

In the 600 Hall of the high school, the new art displays incorporate art from the sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the school. Megan Lisenby (Faculty), the art teacher for the school, allows the students of her art class to show their art to their classmates.

These displays give the art students a chance to show their creativity to the rest of the school through their art. Creating an atmosphere of welcoming for the students is what the art displays attempt to do. In this class, students can express their creativity through two and three- dimensional art.

“Half of the artwork now is artwork from previous years that were left by students and the previous teacher,” Lisenby said.

“When it comes to choosing the art,” Lisenby said, “I choose the work that follows all the elements of art and work that I know students have worked very hard on to recognize their accomplishments.”

As for what future holds for the art students, “I have many students who will pursue art in the future and try to encourage and help them succeed in any way possible,” Lisenby said. “I try to pick projects and assignments that can build a good portfolio so they have opportunities to get in good art schools and scholarships. I certainly hope to see some of my students become art teachers one day, I love my job and would love to see the love of art and art education become a legacy and career goal for some of my students,”