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Pictured here are some of the top Halloween candies. In the Panoptic poll, some of the top Halloween candy was Reese's and the controversial candy corn. Kayah May, who took the poll said, " Reese's are my top favorite and candy corn is at the bottom."

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

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Some people believe that the best parts of Halloween are haunted houses, scary movies, or even dressing up, but the real best part is the candy!

Trick or treaters may enjoy dressing up like Spiderman or their favorite princess just as much as getting their plastic pumpkin filled with goodies, but when the teen years hit and they are still willing to knock on strangers’ doors dressed as a Kardashian, it’s all about the sweets. So, the question is, which Halloween candy is the best?

To answer that question the Panoptic staff did an online poll asking students “What is your favorite Halloween candy?” The winner out of all the candies was Reese’s Cups. 

Of the 30 online votes we received, 27% voted for the peanut butter and chocolate combination that was first introduced in 1928. To celebrate the Halloween season, and to up their sales, Reese’s come in pumpkins, bats and even glow in the dark cups. 

Speaking about the most popular candy, Kayah May (10) said, “Reese’s are my absolute favorite. I hate candy corn, that would have to be my least favorite.” May said. 

When asked about her favorite Halloween candy Abigail Haggerty (11) said “My favorite Halloween candy is probably Twix or Kit-Kat’s.” Haggerty also commented on her least favorite candy “ My least favorite would have to be Payday’s.” When asked if she eats this candy all the time or only on Halloween Haggerty said, “ I eat those candies anytime I get a chance.” 

  When Phillip Do (10) was asked about his favorite Halloween candy he said, “My favorite Halloween candy are Kit-Kats for sure. I eat Kit-Kats all year round” He also talked about his least favorite Halloween candy, “My least favorite Halloween candy are Skittles.”

The results of our poll were very similar to another recent national poll that asked the same question. A Monmouth University poll resulted in 36% in favor of Reese’s, 18% loved Snickers and 11% voted for M&M’s to melt in their mouths.

There were many different types of candy mentioned in our poll. Somewhat surprisingly, the treat that people either love or hate, candy corn, came in second with 17% of the vote, M&M’s were third at 13%, and KitKat’s and Jolly Ranchers tied for fourth with 10%. 

The poll is listed at the top of the article for everyone to continue to vote.