Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Maggie Mann


Jackson Carlstrom

Preparing for her upcoming competition. Maggie Mann (12), Rylie Turner (9), Emily Young (12), Abby Jenkins (11) practiced her rolls on the snare drum. Mann said, “This is my year, I have waited all my life for this.” She was locked in and determined to get her beats correctly.

Maggie Mann (12) is a senior who has 2 siblings. Her twin sister, Gracie, is also a senior. Mann enjoys horseback riding, and she competes in seasonal races. She also first started on clarinet in eighth grade playing the solo in “Star Wars The Force Awakens.”

She joined the marching band playing clarinet in ninth grade. She swapped instruments from clarinet to bass drum in tenth grade, while also playing clarinet in the Wind Ensemble. Wind Ensemble is the advanced concert band where highly skilled music is played.  In eleventh grade, Mann played snare drum in the marching band while playing clarinet in the Wind Ensemble, also playing tenor sax in the jazz band. And currently, in her senior year, she is center snare of the marching band. And doing so, she is first chair clarinet in the Wind Ensemble. 

Joining band, Mann said, “Since I was little, I have been a fan of DCI, (Drum Corps International), and watching the Bluecoats drumline really inspired me to pick up percussion because I want to be a part of that someday.” 

When it comes to being a big part of the band, Mann said, “It is honestly scary but exciting. It keeps me focused and determined on my goal. Being on the field is my love and my passion. I would not give it up for the world.” 

Learning about her job as a center snare, Will Smith, who is her percussion director (faculty) said, “It is not an easy job, but it is worth the fun. There are so many things that go with this part in the band. The drum majors must watch her feet to keep tempo. Mann must watch the drum majors to make sure it does not fall apart. It takes maximum focus, and maximum effort, but Mann does a fantastic job.”

As for why Mann continues to march center snare, she said, “My biggest dream is to march center snare with the Bluecoats. They are known for having the best snare players in the world. They are so passionate and awesome at what they do, and watching all their cool stick tricks and showing off their skills really drives me to keep practicing and work hard every single day. The age limit for drum corp is twenty-one so I work hard every day to achieve that dream in the future.” 

Another snare drum player named Rylie Turner (9) talked about Mann and her hard work and said, “She is truly an inspiration to me and the other snare players. She is so much fun to work with and a fantastic leader. Since it is an all-female snare line, we get along so well and work hard together. The snare line would not be as strong as it is without her.”

Mann’s future plans include auditioning for an open class drum corp called Heatwave located in Inverness, Florida. She plans to go to college at Valdosta State University for Music Education. After Heatwave, she plans to audition for the Bluecoats and to achieve her dream of becoming the center snare for the Bluecoats.