Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Arwyn Kovach


With another piece of artwork to add to the collection, Arwyn Kovach (11) takes on a multi-panel work of artistic production. However, when it came to her perception of art, it was not Kovach’s main style or goal. “My goal is that I want to fully accomplish realism. When I try to draw people they look as real as I like. I want them to be more realistic. I want to master that,” Kovach said. “My dream project would be working with clay to sculpt an actual person, I love doing the actual muscles of a person and I want to capture that in a sculpture. My main dream is to sculpt a giant Greek statue out of clay.”

With seemingly a million paintings and drawings, Arwyn Kovach (11) surprised many with her style of creativity.  From class, most know her as the girl who draws, a lot, but there is much more than what meets the eye.  When people look past the doodles and drawings in class they find a very unique artistic side.

In the classroom, Kovach has plenty of room to show off her skills.  A shared love for art created a powerful bond for her and the new art teacher Mrs. Lisenby (Faculty).  Throughout the past few months they have known each other, a trusted bond formed.

“Although I have only had her as a student for a month now I think she works very hard and carries a close eye for detail,” Lisenby said.

“She is talented and has a unique style and personality with lots of promise but still has a lot to learn. Hopefully she will pursue art in her future career choices and will stay with the practicing of mediums and media of art in high school.” Lisenby said.

Friends even realize the effect art plays in her life. Jela Bryant (11) explained that after getting to know Kovach through years of friendship, she figured out that her friend’s drawing style is very reflective of her actual personality.

“I have always known Arwyn as someone who is never afraid to be herself, and I really think that is shown in her art. Most people will look at different things she has painted and think it does not look normal, but it would be weird to see her draw something other people have done before,” Bryant said.

Art helps to relieve stress for many people, and Kovach is no exception to that.  With stuff in her life not always going to plan, she used her drawings to help with her emotions.

“My emotions and family issues motivated me.  I would draw to help myself cope and you can see my story through my artwork,” Kovach said.

With high-school slowly fading into the final year, Kovach takes time to think about college.

“For post-high school, pursuing art is a yes and a no.  I am struggling to find myself.  I know I am an artist, but I am not sure if that is something I want to do. Art may be my main choice, or hobby, but my main goal is to use art to put my foot in the door and get scholarships and into colleges and go from there and find myself a new career. If my career is not want I want my art is something I can fall back on,” Kovach said.

After spending most of her life creating artwork, Kovach believes she has found a distinct style for both her painting and drawing that makes her art different from other artists. However, she is always open to trying new styles, such as clay sculptures and mastering realism.

“I have a style, my style is working with watercolor paints because I love the rough look. I also love Grecian Style. I love doing this because all of these people were considered beautiful and they all have really simple looks. I think of it as a reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own way,” Kovach said.