Trojans take down the Patriots in a blowout


Georgia Miller

James Hopson (12) makes the stretch to the end zone while depending on his team to hold back the Patriot’s defense as he goes in for a touchdown. “When I am in the game, I feel like nothing else matters,” Caleb Harris (11) said. “it becomes quiet it’s all about my brothers and the whole team that’s got my back.”

As the stands filled up on Friday night and the stadium lights came on, no one knew what was in store for the Southwest Macon Patriots.

The game becomes exciting from the first two seconds and continues that way throughout all four quarters. Preston Simmons (11) makes the first touchdown by way of a pass from Kyle Toole (12). This followed by point-after-touchdown (PAT) from Austin Beaver (12). The game is off to a fast start with a score of 7-0, 9:02 into the first quarter.

The first quarter continues just as successful for the Trojans as there is a touchdown made by Chanuncy Magwood (11) on the carry, followed by Beaver’s PAT. 

“[It] felt awesome, great energy on the field,” Amari Foster (12) said. “[It] felt good to win with my brothers, lots of great plays and excitement, definitely one for the books.”

Less than two minutes later Simmons follows this touchdown with another one and Beaver puts up another PAT. Keeping the score strong for the Trojans with a 14-0 lead. 

During the rest of the first quarter Simmons is able to get by the Patriots’ defense and into the end zone twice more and both of Beaver’s following PATs are good, making the score 42-0 in the Trojans’ favor.

Simmons was the high-scorer for the game with four touchdowns, all in the first quarter. 

“It felt good, everybody did their job and it made it easy for me,” Simmons said. “My only offences of the line did their part and the coaches put us in the right positions to succeed Friday.”

As the second quarter goes on Christian Frazier (12) is the only player able to get past the Patriots defenses and make a touchdown. This is followed by a PAT from Beaver making the score 49-0.

The second half is just as successful as the first for the Trojans. Christopher Jenkins (10) is able to make a touchdown on the carry. After Beaver’s PAT the score is 56-0 and the Patriots’ coach elects to have a running clock the remainder of the game.

The Trojans are unable to make another touchdown the remainder of the game. The Patriots, however, make it into the end zone with five minutes on the clock after several attempts from the one yard line. 

With this final touchdown from either teams, the clock winds down the last five minutes and the game comes to an end 56-6, another win for the Trojans.

The Trojans are back at home 4 October at 7:30 PM for the homecoming game against Thomson High School.