TW3 Scholarship


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Terry Wills III spends time with Tater Tot. He died on August 1, 2018 when he had a seizure and drowned in a creek. Alisha Wills said, ”Terry was a country, hunting, fishing little redneck."

TW3, Terry Wills III, scholarship is a scholarship to help provide senior supplies for selected seniors. Many people do not know the backstory behind why TW3 was created. When asked why she created TW3, Alisha Wills said, “I was really upset and having a horrible day because I was going to buy some fake Georgia Bulldog flowers for my baby boy’s headstone. All I could think is I should be buying my babies cap and gown.”

Wills said,”So I was sitting with Terry Wills II and asked, why can’t we buy senior supplies for someone who needs them, and why just one instead of as many as we can support?” Because of this they created TW3. 

TW3 covers:

  • A cap and gown
  • Class ring 
  • Graduation package ( invitation cards and thank you cards etc…)
  • Yearbook

Teachers apply seniors they know need senior supplies provided for them. The Wills family have no idea who gets the scholarship. They chose this way because they said the teachers will know if a student needs the scholarship better they will and so it is not a bias decision. T. Wills II said,”we know that some parents may have the nicest clothes and vehicles but do not support their kids without setting unrealistic academic goals,” A. Wills said. ”Terry was a country, hunting, fishing little redneck.”

Alisha Wills

A way to help support the scholarship is to buy the TW3 t-shirts or to make donations at their website because the more money they raise, means the more kids they can sponsor. Acording to the website, Neyami Shirt Company LLC will donate $5  to TW3 Scholarship Foundation for every shirt sold. Small,Med,Lrg, and XLrg $20 and XXLrg and XXXLrg $23.

Alisha Wills