Lee County hosts Cross Country Invitational


Leading her teammates in a warm-up, Vicki Roberts (12), scoops up the ground. After a hard race, Roberts learns the news of her personal record. “I prepared for the meet by running as much as I could. I have a lucky headband which aids in my success. When I saw my time I could not believe it. I was able to drop my time by 3 minutes,” Roberts said.

On September 7, the cross country team hosted their very own invitational, inviting neighboring cross country teams to compete.

18 schools brought their cross country teams to run on an early Saturday morning.

During meets, one of the runners main focuses is helping their school place highly. Another goal is to try and improve their own run time. Three Varsity girls, Vicki Roberts (12), Teagan Balla (9) and Eady Hall (9), obtained personal records.

Roberts obtained a personal record of 22:48.

Balla ran away with a record of 26:52.

Hall grabbed at the chance for a record of 25:44.

All three of these girls were able to help their team place third.

“Before the match, I was scared and nervous,” Hall said. “I was happy when I got the personal record.”

“I usually focus on the finish line in order to keep myself going,” Balla said. “I knew the course well, so I was able to focus on places that I could increase speed. Obtaining the personal record made me feel like I’m improving and that I will get better during the season.”

While the girls team had an outstanding achievement of three personal records, the boys Cross Country team had a very successful run.

The boys team placed second overall, with their top five runners in a close pack.

“I was able to beat some of my other teammates run times,” Cyler Perkins (10) said.

“In order to prepare for the meets, we work out, do running intervals, and long distance runs over the week,” Alex Collins (10) said.

“I paid the registration fee for the team,” Jacob Beard (11) said.

With great teamwork and hard work, both cross country teams were able to come out with great results.