Theatre Albany presents Oklahoma!


Victoria Drury

The whole cast completes their rehearsal of the night, anxiously waiting for the opening night. On Wednesday September 4th the cast performed the entire show to see where they were so far. Debbie Drury in the ensemble said “it is so exhilarating to see our progress every night, it makes me really ready to perform for an audience”.

Theatre Albany is preparing to debut their production of Oklahoma on Friday, September 13 at the beginning of their 87th season. The classic musical set in 1906 is a story of the complicated relationships that the simple farm folk have in their town.

Laurey Williams (played by Leah Anglin) is one of the lead roles as a farm girl who cannot decide to go with cowboy Curly or hotheaded farmhand Jud.

When asked about her role, Anglin said, “I have really loved the challenge of the role itself and the music. I also have loved working with Nick (Curly) and the others and sharing the stage with such talent.” The cast as a whole has all grown close after doing previous shows together, such as Sister Act that showcased in June.

Megan Moshell (12) also makes a dazzling appearance in the ensemble.

After doing many different shows, Moshell said, “To me what makes Oklahoma interesting is that most people would assume it’s boring because it’s basically about a farm in Oklahoma in 1907, but it’s actually surprisingly good!”

While the musical is longer than most, it is filled with songs, dances, and a captivating story that will have the audience wishing it went on forever.

Nick Roosevelt is playing the other lead role as Curly who is smitten with Laurey and wants to take her to the box social.

Excited for the opening of the show, Roosevelt said, “We are ready for you reading this now to get your ticket. We’ve “gone about as far as we can go” without an audience to experience the prairie-based love triangles with us. To perform means to bring something to its complete expression, and I am confident in the amazing work of this cast to perform each night of our run!”

Oklahoma will run on September 13, 14, 20, and 21 at 7:30 pm, and September 15 and 22 at 2:00 pm. Tickets can be ordered now at or calling the box office at (229)-439-7193. Do not miss a chance to see the first incredible show of the 2019-2020 season with so much more in store!