Behind the meets of Cross Country


Jacob Montgomery

Sprinting across a field Vicki Roberts (12) concentrates on her practice. Vicki Roberts has been doing Cross Country for nine years. “The best thing about Cross Country is getting outside and running. The longer the run, the better it is. However the heat is probably the worst part about the sport.”

While Cross Country works hard during the meets, they work even harder in preparation.

The Cross Country team has different days of the week that they do certain training.

Mondays and Tuesdays are spent doing speed drills, such as 800 half mile repeats and timed runs, alternating between hard runs and easy runs.

Jogging across the field Cross Country runner Seth Tomlinson wraps up his practice. Even though the heat outside is relentless Cross Country runners still enjoy the sport of running. “The worst part about Cross Country is practicing in the heat. The best part is the races.”

“I have been doing cross country for 5 years. I love the people that I run with and the sport itself,” Emily Phillips (10) said. “The heat and the mental challenge of pushing yourself to your limit, is probably the hardest part about Cross Country.”

Wednesdays are spent running long distance across multiple fields and trails.

“I enjoy running and Cross Country, because it makes me feel free,” Denver Fincher (9) said.

Thursdays include short distance, as well as long distance running.

Fridays are the most relaxed days of the week, in order to have the runners prepared for the meets on Saturdays.

On Saturdays meets runners work the hardest in order to bring their team to victory. Cross Country is a very mental and physical sport, which will help build endurance in the participants. When the South Georgia heat is not as unbearable, running is a hobby or sport anyone can enjoy.

While other students are inside doing homework, Teagan Balla (9) spends her afternoons at practice. Balla is coming back for a fourth year straight of Cross Country. “I joined Cross Country because my Dad ran, so I’m running,” Balla (9) said.