4 Lee County Trojans Commit to Play at The Next Level


Throwing the ball to a wide open receiver. Kyle Toole releases a dart. “I seen they were in man coverage and wanted to make a play.” , said Toole.

Abby Hughes (12) is a senior softball player. She is the varsity pitcher for the Lady Trojans. Hughes is committed to play at Georgia Tech.

When asked about playing with the highest level of competition, she said, “I think I can play at the division one level because I have a good work ethic and am very determined.” Hughes has also had years of training to help prepare her to play at this level.

She has been playing softball since she was a little girl. Hughes said, “I am looking forward to meeting new people, playing softball against some of the best competition, and learning new things in college.” She also wants to better herself for the future. One of the main reasons she chose Georgia Tech. She also wants to take on the academic challenge of Georgia Tech.

When asked about the coaches and staff, Hughes said, “The people at Georgia Tech are also very welcoming and the location of the university is perfect.”  Besides sports, she is highly involved in student government where she serves as the student body President. In addition, she loves spending time with family and friends. Last year, she pitched 237 strikeouts. So far, 61 this year and has hit 4 home runs. 

Trellis Whaley (12) is a senior softball player. She plays catcher for the Lady Trojans. Whaley is currently committed to AUM (Auburn University at Montgomery). She chose AUM because of the atmosphere that the coaches, teammates and the school provided.

When asked, she said, “They are all very close knitted and very competitive.” AUM is also striving for their third national championship.

Whaley said, “Softball has influenced my life by teaching me that if I wanted something then I had to put in the work, and nothing would be given to me.” She strives to play each and every day because of her will. Also so she can perform the best and play against the best to succeed.

When asked she said, “My favorite thing about softball would have to be being a part of a team that wants to succeed just as bad as you.” Lastly, she said her role model is Samantha Show. She played for OSU, Oregon and now is a pro fast pitch player.

Wing Green (12) is a senior Football player. He is 6’7 270 pound offensive tackle for the Trojans. Green is a Georgia Tech commit who plans on becoming an architect.

When asked why he chose Georgia Tech, he said, “It was close to family and a power 5 school.” In which was huge for him in making his decision. He also has three role models: his mom, dad, and grand-dad who recently passed away.

Green said, “My grand-dad is what makes me strive to get better every day to “make him proud.” His favorite thing in football is working with the guys next to him. He likes gaining never-ending memories and bonds that he will remember 10 years from now.  

Kyle Toole (12) is a senior Football player. He is 6’2 201 pound quarterback for the Trojans. Toole is a Troy University commit. He made all-region first team for AAAAAA football. He led them to the Mercedes Benz stadium last year. He threw for 2104 passing yards on 134 completions on the year.

When asked why he choose Troy, he said,“I felt really comfortable with the coaches and liked the facilities.” Toole has always played the game of football. He grew up playing little league when he was five. He also played for Deerfield Windsor before coming to Lee County in ninth grade. Toole doesn’t like receiving much recognition. He is a team first guy and just wants to win games.

Toole said, “I have been blessed to be around a lot of great talent and without them I’m nothing.” His main goal at this point is to take his team to another state title, which will take a lot of handwork and commitment.