These trends will make you “Git Up” and dance


Rhiannon Belcher (12) is showing off her Birkenstock’s. Belcher wears her Birkenstock’s very often. “I love my Birkenstock’s because they are super comfortable and they are trendy.” Belcher said.

 In today’s world of social media and the 24/7 news cycle, hot topics tend to trend more frequently. Unironically those trends can include new social media platforms and even new styles that are generated through those apps.

One of the latest trends are VSCO girls, a style of dress and fashion that is extremely popular with teen girls. This originated from VSCO, a mobile app that allows users to create and edit photos. This app has become increasingly popular in recent months. Their attire may include scrunchies, Hydro Flasks, big t-shirts, messy buns, and shell necklaces. VSCO girls will likely be overheard using their unique catch phrases like,“SkSkSk” and “And I Oop” and of course, wearing their familiar Birkenstocks.

Kaylee Gross, (10) , said “I used to be a VSCO girl but they are only VSCO girls in the summer and when it hits September it’s over.” 

Speaking of Birkenstocks, this brand of footwear is trending not only with VSCO girls but with teens everywhere. The German-made sandals and shoes come from a company that has been in business since 1774 and are known for their comfort and style. Sales were good in the late 1700’s, but the popularity of this brand has generated recent annual sales at 800 million dollars. 

Blanco Brown wasn’t wearing Birkenstocks when he filmed his hit video “The Git Up,” but that has not stopped over 26 million people from viewing the trending video on YouTube. It has sparked a trend called “The Git Up Challenge” all across the country, including law enforcement, celebrities, and everyday people.

Savannah Rowland, (10) said “I love my Birkenstock’s because they have lasted me two years without breaking.”

Another trend that has had people dancing recently, was the release of the new Popeye’s crispy chicken sandwich. The new product was so popular, not only did it generate a sandwich war with Chick-Fil-A, Popeye’s ran out of sandwiches nationwide and had to cease sales. Recently in Texas, a customer pulled a gun at a Popeyes’ franchise because they were out of sandwiches to know just how popular they really were. 

One place that people may need a chicken sandwich is Area 51. Over 2 million people have signed up to invade the United States Air Force facility in Nevada as part of another social media trend gone wild. No one knows for sure how many people will actually show up this month to visit the place many believe will allow them to ‘see them aliens’ but authorities are preparing for the worse. 

Area 51 may not be as hot of a topic on TikTok, but that has not stopped over 500 million people worldwide from using this trending app. It is now the third most downloaded app in 2019 and appeals particularly to teens.

According to Sydney Bryan, (10) “TikTok is a lot of fun because you can make funny videos.” 

One final trend that is popular right now with high school girls is big false eyelashes. Cosmetic stores like Ulta and Sephora sells a variety of shapes and sizes in false lashes.