Skills USA: A working force

Skills is a combination of most all trade skills coming together to compete. Trades like carpentry, masonry, tile, welding, public speaking, electrical and much more. Lee County has competed for a couple of years now, and it has been much fun the competitors say.

Patrick Dollar (12) said, “Skills USA is great. I have competed in Tile and Metal display in the past two years. I have been in Skills, and it was a blast, and I look forward to this year’s competition.”   

Lee County has the skills club, and they have gone to state every year they have competed. Skills meets every Wednesday before school at 7:30 AM to discuss fundraisers and planning for the year. They hold fundraisers and activities throughout the year. for example they have boston butt fundraisers and tailgates before football games.

 When the competitors work goes to competition they have a ball. They go out to eat and hang out while they are not competing. 

Tye Smith


Kelsie Ray (12), the president of skills for Lee County, said, “Skills is a club about hard workers who are trying to gain experience in and for the workforce.”

Ray talked about how much she has enjoyed the experience.  

Benjiman McCrary (12) said, “Skills is a good insight into the workforce of real life.”

Overall the Skills USA club is a great way to gain experience in real situations and competitions and is a lot of fun. 

Skills USA is looking forward to their 2019-2020 competitions and another successful year.