Painting in a new year

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Painting in a new year

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With one hundred spots sold, seniors gain the creativity to paint their own parking spot.  This is the second year seniors have earned access to express their creativity in painting a spot. Along with being a fun opportunity, the money also goes directly back to students by offsetting the yearbook price.  

In a cross world of joy, Vicki Roberts (12) decides to make her parking spot more scattered.  By painting a crossword, she highlighted all of her favorite activities. 

“I wanted something that wasn’t too difficult to paint, but I also wanted something that was unique to me and highlighted some of the things I’d done in the last four years so I did a crossword,” Roberts said.  

To make things twice as interesting, some painted their parking spots across from each other.  Taking a different approach, Brittany Griffiths (12) and Taylor Nash (12) with a Mean Girls burn book reference. 

“Me and Brittany wanted to do a parking spot together that was different from others would do. We thought about a friends but after that was taken we found the perfect one. After a long hot day of painting, it turned out perfect,” Nash said.

In addition to the wonderful spots, Abby Hughes (12) got together with her parents and painted a friends New York themed parking spot.  At the very end of painting, Hughes got all of her closest friends and got them to put their hand prints on the bottom. 

I chose to incorporate my friends in my parking spot because we have all been so close and supportive of each other in high school. Have amazing friends made high school so much easier,” Hughes said.  

Spending all day painting a parking spot is a breeze, when your mom and aunt are doing it.  Parker Rodgers (12) left the hard work to his professional artist family members and friends who came especially prepared with a tent and a generator for a fan to keep cool.

“It is a really cool how they put the flag behind the eagle.  I’m glad they painted it for me because I would not have known where to start,” Rodgers said.