Preparing yourself for personal fitness

Seniors are required by state law to have a personal fitness class. Some students find it strange that throughout a senior’s whole year in school, they have to suddenly take this advanced personal fitness class all of a sudden just to graduate. 

Jermaya Scott (12) said, “taking gym class my senior year is absolutely horrible!”

For individuals that have been suddenly thrown into this class, preparing ahead will benefit them in the long run. 

Jayla Mike (12) said, “ I don’t want to take it, but it keeps me in shape.”  

There are different ways to train to prepare for the class. Training helps with processing the body to get familiar with working muscles that have never been worked before.

Drinking more water and staying hydrated also helps with maintaining proper care. Hydration allows the body to cool down when it is overheated or exhausted.

Kervin Davis (faculty) said, “I think it’s awesome. The reason why is because the next step in life is about how you have to function when things are uncomfortable.” 

 Exercising also builds up stamina, which helps to maintain a steady pace. Stretching is an important part of working out as well; it helps with preventing injuries and body soreness. 

Kaitlyn Drake (12) said, “I feel like it’s important to do it, and I never do it at all and it shows. That’s why when I work out, I’m always in pain.” 

Upcoming seniors should start practicing during the summer on working out to make sure when the class starts that the students are prepared.