Lisenby Paints A New Color


Megan Lisenby shares her story of the painted chair while she holds her three-eared monkey Van Gogh. It was the summer of this year that Lisenby painted her chair inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night". "It is very inspiring! I love Van Gogh!"

Those who come into Megan Lisenby’s (Faculty) art room of the 600 hall enter a novice and leave more masterful and confident.

Lisenby, the new art teacher on campus shares information on what it was like to re-enter the school as a teacher instead of a student some years ago.

 As a former student, Lisenby revisits her home feeling honored and privileged to work alongside people who taught her. She approaches the experience with happiness and delight. She did not expect to love and to want to share every second of every day to teach and help students grow.

Not only does Lisenby help students to grow and expand their artistic abilities, but also to flourish and discover their hidden painting abilities at the local Leesburg Library. “I feel that students struggle the most because they don’t have enough people to stand up for them and fight for their education, happiness and well-being.” Lisenby said

Coming through the doors now as an educator, Lisenby lives by a philosophy:

“‘I am in your corner, even in the roundest of rooms,’” Lisenby said. “I chose that quote because, as a teacher, I feel that the best thing to do for my students is to encourage them to learn and not to thrive as students and simply good humans by trying my best to be in their corner.”

Lisenby explained why the corner is so important.

“By standing in their corner, whether that be by getting to know them, being real with them or giving them advice, they always know they have someone to come to for encouragement and someone that believes in them and what they can achieve.”  Lisenby said.

Lisenby’s philosophy serves as a message not just to art students but to all who need a guardian, someone to be there. While Lisenby brings life into art, she also brings life into her students.