Students play around during halftime for prizes


Georgia Miller

Students cheer on their peers at the football game, dressed in their tiki attire. The theme for this game was tiki. "With it being my senior year, I don't want to miss out on anything so I try to participate in all the themes," Madison Carr (12).

Student Government Association has already been hard at work this year in many new and exciting ways. One of these such ways was an out of the box homecoming theme. Another such way has been the halftime games open to the student section.

At every football game this year, SGA has hosted a game during halftime right before the band’s performance in the end zone nearest to the student section. In order to participate the students have dressed up in that weeks theme.

The students that win the game are given gift cards as prizes from sponsors that are local businesses.  

“The halftime games were created to bring the student section together and bring more excitement to it,” Abby Hughes (12) said. “SGA is responsible for the games. Outside sponsors help us fund the games with prizes of $59 a piece.”

One of the big reasons behind the games is to get students that are not participating on the field to support others who are. SGA wants students involved and there for one another in many ways and this is a great example of support.

“SGA thought that having a fun halftime game would really “hype” the student section up and get them more motivated during the game. We have been trying to find ways to get the student section more excited and loud during the games as well as dress in the designated theme,” Madeline Conger (12) said. “We thought the halftime games would help improve how much the student section participated during the game, so we come up with new games every week and a $50 prize for each game.”

Another reason SGA started the games was because the student section has been lacking in spirit the past few years and SGA wanted to shake things up in order to get more out of the students.

“[Its] a way to stir up the student section,” Mona Ghimire (12) said. “In the past few years, the students did not live up to its hype… we did this to excite the student section!”

The ideas for the games came from the halftime games commonly seen during college football games or even in the NFL.

“I was at a Georgia Southern football game and there, the students play games during the game, and I was like ‘we should do this,’” Jordon Davis (11) said. “Everyone was real hesitant at first but then we talked about it and tweaked it a little to fit our games and it has worked with everyone coming up with games and getting sponsors.”

To participate in the halftime games and have a chance at winning, show up to the football game being the best dressed for the theme. The games are in the end zone nearest to the student section so turn that way to check them out before the band begins to play.