Varsity football wins against Life Christian Academy


Georgia Miller

Christian Frazier (12), a running back, catches the ball after electing to receive for winning the coin toss. He ran the ball down the field making it as far as he could before being stopped by Life Christian Academy’s defensive line.

With the sun headed down and the stands filling up, the Varsity football team took the field. The captains winning the coin toss elected to receive the ball as the game versus Virginia’s Life Christian Academy Eagles begins.

LCA’s Eagles put up a strong defense throughout the game but the Trojans broke through. Austin Beaver (12) punts the ball, as it rolls Antavious Coe (10) picks it up and runs it another few yards before being stopped by the Eagle’s defense.

Georgia Miller
Wing Green (12) going on the offensive block to prevent LCA from tackling the ball carrier. He successfully kept the Eagle’s defense from taking down the Trojan. “We have worked all summer to get better at our jobs on the field and all this work will lead to the goal that we want to achieve,” Austin Beaver (12) said.

Kyle Toole (12) passes the ball into the end zone, however James Hopson (12) was unable to make the catch, being taken down by LCA’s defense.

“They were a good opponent and we knew going into the game it was going to be tough but they didn’t work as hard this week as we did,” Caleb Hall (11) said.

As the game continues Preston Simmons (11) receives the ball and runs through the LCA defense for the first touchdown followed by a point-after-touchdown (PAT) from Beaver, making the score 7-0 Lee with 8:26 to go in the first quarter.

As the line of scrimmage settles on the 20 yard line and the Trojans’ defensive line is ready to go, the Eagles make a big gain to the 33 yard line on the other side of the field. However, as the Eagles make another play after their big gain, they fumble the ball and Caleb McDowell (11) recovers it working his way to the 47 yard line back on the other side of the field, which is enough for a first down.

Back on the offense Toole makes two consecutive deep passes to Hopson who, on the second pass, is able to run the ball into the end zone for another touchdown followed by a PAT making the score 14-0, Lee, with 5:35 left to go in the first quarter.

Once again the Trojans recover the ball after blocking an LCA punt, with Christian Frazier (12) on the carry, he makes it down to the 28 yard line. After a pass to Chauncey Magwood (11) and then being pushed back a few yards, Beaver makes a field goal making the 17-0, Lee with still a minute and a half left to go in the first quarter.

Throughout the course of the game there were many flags but regardless, the Trojans persevere. 

Three minutes into the second quarter Beaver punts the ball down the field from the 7 yard line to the 41 yard line. 

The game continues for another six minutes with no big plays made by either team. However, with 2:18 left in the half, Beaver kicks a 37 yard field goal with plenty to spare making the score 20-0 Lee.

The Eagle’s pass is broken up by Caleb McDowell (11), therefore Lee takes over the offense. The Trojans make several incomplete attempts at passes until Tyrus Washington (10) is able to break through the Eagle’s defense for the final touchdown and PAT from Lee County for the game making the score 27-0 Lee.

The third quarter goes by with many flags and although no major plays happened the LCA Eagles still put up a fight against the Trojans. However they are unable to get back on their feet throughout the rest of the game. 

“Our game plan was to wear them down over the course of the game and in the second half you could see them starting to get exhausted,” Parker Rodgers (12) said.

As the third quarter ends and the fourth begins, the Trojans and Eagles still are going at it, leaving all they have out on the field.

The game is called with 6:24 left in the fourth quarter due to poor sportsmanship on LCA Eagles’ account. Lee County Trojans won 27-0. 

“Poor sportsmanship can lead to a team not functioning right. Whether it’s wrong calls, discipline penalties and a lot of other stuff,” Jacob Blankenship (12) said. “Bad communication and sportsmanship just happen to cost the Eagles their game.”

Come out next Friday at 8 PM to see Trojans take on Peach County High School at PCHS.