Varsity football’s Hamp Smith Classic rained out


Georgia Miller

Trojans work to take down Dougherty County player in a tackle.

At the second annual Hamp Smith Classic, the Lee County Trojans took on the Dougherty County Trojans once again.

The first touchdown of the game is made by Preston Simmons (11) 2:56 into the game and Austin Beaver (12) follows it up with a PAT, this making the score 7-0.

After Lee takes a yellow flag and is penalized 5 yards, they advance towards the end zone gaining up the loss yardage and then some.

With 33 seconds left on the clock for the first quarter James Hopson (12) catches the ball one-handed from a pass made by Kyle Toole (12) as he heads towards the end zone.

“It was truly an amazing experience. I’m still shocked by it,” Hopson said, “When Kyle threw the ball, it was like time slowed down and I thought to myself, ‘I don’t know if I can get to it in time.’ ”

“I sped up but knew I wouldn’t be able to get both hands to the ball,” Hopson continues, “so when the ball got there, I threw out a prayer, reaching my hand out, and amazingly it just stayed there. After I caught it scoring was the last thing on my mind even though I did.”

With Hopson’s touchdown followed by Beaver’s PAT the score is 14-0.

“All I could think was, ‘How did I catch that?’ It was a surreal experience and I’m happy I could be a part of the win,” Hopson said.

After Beaver’s field goal, the first quarter ends 10-0, Lee leading.

“I think I have improved tremendously with my mental game since last year,” Beaver said, “just being a little more confident in myself that I’m going to make the kick.”

Caleb McDowell (11) takes down the field after catching a punt and runs the ball down, all the way to the five yard line. 

On the second attempt Christian Fraisier (12) finishes the play making the final touchdown. Beaver rounds out the score with another PAT and just in time before the rain began to fall hard

The sending fans hiding for cover in bathrooms and others rushing for their cars effectively called the game. 

With the game ending before half-time and the rain pouring down, the marching band headed for the buses unable to perform their half-time show.

“This season has a lot of potential,” Victoria Crickmar (12) said, “The half-time show is going to be great. I was at first upset that the rain came, not because we got soaked but because we couldn’t show Daugherty who’s boss.”

The second annual Hamp Smith Classic ends with the Lee County Trojans winning 28-0.

The team is  back home Friday, August 30 to take on Life Christian Academy at 7:30 PM.