Up and at em’


Hannah Elliott

In the midst of a crowd of boys, Karlee Back (12) proves herself to be equal by participating in the pull ups challenge. Back did five pull ups, which is more than some people can say they did. “I was challenged by Coach [Kirven] Davis,” Back said. “So when everyone cheered for me to go, I knew I had to do it.”

Sergeant Matthew Mcgowan, a Marine Corps Recruiter, was in the cafeteria to represent the Recruiting Sub-Station Albany to spread awareness of the opportunities available to students following graduation. This includes scholarships, tech schools, colleges/universities, career options, and even joining the military.

“We want students to know that there are so many different options [other] than just going to a four year college after high school,” Mcgowan said. “There’s always something for everyone.”

Sergeant Mcgowan comes on campus on Tuesdays. On these days, he passes out business cards in the NJROTC room and around the lunch room to students so they can get in touch with him about any questions they may have. 

He had with him a pull up bar, which many students saw as a challenge. Pull ups show a person’s level of strength, which is needed if a student were to join the military.

“Many guys gathered around in order to see who could do the most pull ups,” Wyatt Wynn (10) said.

One by one, students of all shapes and sizes jumped onto the bar to show off how many pull ups they could do, or in some cases, could not do.

Blaine Pollock (12) did not participate himself, but was one among the crowd. “I came over because I thought it looked funny to watch people try to show off their manliness, but ended up failing.”

As the area became cramped, more people faced the bar with something to prove; to either themselves or to their friends.

“I was dared by my friends to go up there,” Christian Thompson (11) said. “I think they wanted me to embarrass myself, but instead I did nine pull ups plus four one-handed.” 

School days can often seem lackluster, which is why students love when activities like this are available. Having fun in between classes is what keeps students having fun and being energized for their classes.