Senioritis and its toll on students

Senioritis and its toll on students

Senioritis is known as a common affliction describing the lack of motivation felt by students who are reaching the end of their courses. This affects most to all seniors nationwide as they get ready to move on to a bigger stage of life. Senioritis is real, and it is the absolute worst. As every senior knows, the last few weeks before finals is the absolute definition of struggle.

Symptoms of senioritis may include a drop in grades, not completing assignments, procrastination, and loss of interest in studiying, and you may even start skipping classes. Senioritis may also occur when you know you will pass a class, and if you have lost all motivation, you may not care if you pass with an A or a C.

Mariana Bragg (12) describes her view on senioritis. “Senioritis began with me at the beginning of my senior year, but the second semester has been rough,” Bragg said. “You skip class all the time, you don’t do your work until the class period before, and it’s a complete struggle to even show up to school.”

Not only seniors inquire senioritis, but many juniors, and even sophomores, struggle with it daily, and it gets worse as they get ready for their senior year.

“I’ve had senioritis since the beginning of my junior year,” Elizabeth Pineda (11) said

For most, it is just a decline in work ethics, but for others, it is just not wanting to come anymore. “It hit really hard the second semester. You don’t want to turn in any of your work, you are always finding yourself skipping class, and you wing everything!” Taylor Kilgo (12) said.

“My senioritis started the first day of my freshmen year. It really kicked in hard my second semester of my senior year, where I started to slack off on my work and stopped turning in my work.” Emily Weiss (12) said. “Graduation can not come any faster.”

If you are struggling with senioritis and think it is affecting your grades and overall performance, try to get more sleep at night, focus and pay attention in class, turn in all your work, and stay calm. Graduation is right around the corner and will be here soon enough.