Faculty gets ready for summer fun


The Fetterley family enjoy their time at DIsneyland. The family decided to go to Disneyland while on a summer trip in France last summer. "There's so much to see there, you could never hit it all in one trip," Heather Fetterley (faculty) said.

The school year is coming to an end and the summer is coming closer. As it comes to an end, students and teachers will be enjoying and doing different activities this summer.

Christy Greene (faculty) will be going to the beach with her family. “I am excited because I will not have two college graduates under my payroll,” Greene said.  They will also be painting their house the day after school ends. “It will be a fun activity to do. We will be going to the beach for a few days starting July 4th. We plan this every year.”

Tabitha Spooner (faculty) will spend her time at home with her two kids, Jayden Spooner (8) and Mathew Spooner (12). “I think I will mostly enjoy spending time with my two kids,” Spooner said. They will be making a trip to the beach later on to play in the water and go get ice cream. “The kids love to go to the beach and meet new kids and try new things there.” She also wants to begin working on her plans for the next school year and prepare for her new kids.

Todd Willis (faculty) will be taking a trip up north to visit his family. “My niece and her husband recently had a baby girl, and we will be going to meet her. I have seen pictures of her, but I have not met her yet. I am so excited,” Willis said. He will also be taking a trip to the Florida Keys with his wife. “We have not taken a trip by ourselves in a long time. It will be fun to go visit new places with her, and buy her new clothes,” Willis said.

Pam Fulton (faculty) will be looking forward to not having to wake up so early and having to cook. She and her family will be taking a trip down to Florida to see her grandchildren and other family members. “I have 37 grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren and 12 great great grandchildren,” Fulton said. “I am grateful for my grandchildren. They bring me so much happiness and joy.”

With the school year coming to an end in just a few short weeks, the beaches will be filled with people, the restaurants will be filled with tourists, and the playgrounds will be filled with kids and laughter. Be sure to bring the money, and be ready to try new things this summer.