Senior’s last hoorah


Counting down the days! Seniors prepare for the end of the school year. Their senior games and walk are Friday May 10.

Being a senior is a major accomplishment, and being able to celebrate is even better. Lee County seniors get to experience the last bit of their senior year with their class and get to walk through the halls where they once were taught.

“I am very excited to be able to walk through the halls where I used to go to school and to be able to see my previous teachers one more time,” Presley Mcclure (12) said. “I am also excited about the senior games and being able to come together with all of the seniors for one big day of celebration.”

This day is on May 10, and it is a whole day filled with celebrating the seniors. As the year is coming to an end, seniors feel as if the year has flown by, and being able to reminisce through their old schools really puts it in perspective how fast time goes by.

“This year has gone by so fast, and just looking back makes me realize how fast time really does go by and how we should not wish our lives away,” Aubrey Garrett (12) said. “I really cannot believe how fast time has gone by, and how you literally blink and it is your senior year.”

The senior walk-through and senior games are a tradition. This simply started as just a walk-through and turned into a day filled with games and treats for seniors. This tradition is fairly new and has been only going on for around 7 years.

“I love how this is a tradition in our school system and how it brings all of us together and makes their last couple of days memorable” Kayson Cowart (12) said. “This is such a special way to leave a mark on senior year and make memories with my friends.”

Some seniors do not get the opportunity to have a celebration for graduating, so this a big day for many seniors. This is a chance to be able to feel accomplished and for their former teachers to see their accomplishments.

Senior walk-through and senior games will be on May 10. The walk through will start around 8:15 am and the games will start whenever the seniors arrive back at the school, which should be around 10:oo am.