2019 Spring Game


Down, Set, Hut-Hut… Its that time again Trojan fans. The back to back championship football team is starting to prepare for yet another undefeated season. Last year the Trojans swept through the regular season and ended the season with a 21-0 victory. To start the new season the Trojans are now starting spring practice to get ready for a practice game. They will practice everyday until game day. This year’s spring game is a way for not only coaches but other players, fans, and recruiters to see what the Trojans are about this year so they can prepare for their first 2019 regular season game.

There are over 100 plus players returning this year and others who are going on their second and third year. Baron Hopson (10) is a returning starter and is excited for this years game.

“Last year we played Tifton but we didn’t get to finish the game because of tornado like weather.” Hopson(10) mentions, “I was excited and scared. Excited because this was my first time playing with the Trojans and i knew they expected a lot, and nervous because this was my first time starting as a tenth grader on the team.” Baron (10) and his brother James Hopson(11) moved here from Albany, Ga

On the other hand the Trojans have some players who are new and is their first time at Lee County. Jeremiah Robinson (11) is a new student and player at Lee. He is a transfer from Westover High School (WHS) and is excited for a change.

“I moved to get a better education and to play some football.” Robinson (11) also says “ I’m really excited to start playing football again.” Last year, one of our signed players Demoni Saunders (12) also transferred from Westover to Lee for the same reasons.

Coach Dean Fabrizio (Faculty), head coach at Lee County, is also excited for this years season. “We have practice Saturday and it’s up from there. I am sad that the seniors we had are gone, but we have to move forward with the great talent that we have and the talent that is coming up.”

Fabrizio (Faculty) has been the Trojans head coach for ten and this season will make eleven and while he’s here he has had seven winning seasons in a row and also will have a chance to have their names in history and become the first team to be a three-time state champions in a row.

Fabrizio (Faculty) also says “This game it to see how the players will react in a game like situation. This game will also help us coaches to see what we need to work on, whether it being plays or conditioning.”

With the Trojans coming into a new season undefeated, other teams are ready to play them. With several days away they are excited to see what they are working with. The trojans first regular season starts off with a scrimmage against no other than Tift County, here at Trojan field at seven o’clock pm.