Guidelines for the class of 2020


Katie Burch (12), Mackenzie Briggs (12), Chloe Hayes (12), Cody Reeves (12), Amberly Kimbrel (12), and Lea Hatcher (12) capturing senior picture day.

As the class of 2019 end their journey through high school, they leave a list of guidelines and tips for the class of 2020.  This will be your busiest year, so be ready. Be prepared to work hard and stay focused and:

  • Get involved, whether it is  through clubs,  sports,  school trips, etc. Getting involved helps you meet new people and figure out what types of activities you like to do.
  • Takes a lot of pictures. These pictures will remind you of some of the greatest memories through your last year in high school. Years from now, you can look back and remember all the fun you had in your last year of high school.
  • Start preparing for college early in the year.  Do not wait until the last minute to take the ACT/SAT and apply for college. This allows you to have more options when selecting the college you want to attend.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as you can! The more you have, the more money you get for college. There are scholarships for everyone.
  • Go to sport events and cheer on your Trojans. Whether it is under the Friday night lights watching football or supporting the tennis team, go and support them all!
  • Do not procrastinate!!! Study and turn in all of your  work on time. Your grades are still important. Don’t let them fall because you won’t do the work.
  • Don’t skip class. Yes, it may seem tempting, but if you miss too many days, you won’t receive the credit for that class. Show up, get it done, and finish strong!
  • Remember your goal and achieve it! It’s going to be hard, but the outcome will be worth it.
  • Yes, senioritis is real. Don’t let it get the best of you. Stay focused and strive to graduate!
  • Have fun! This is your last year of high school. Make plenty of memories so you’ll always remember your days of being a Trojan.