2019 Spring Exams Schedule and Information


Spring Schedule Final Exams

  • Friday, May 17th Regular schedule

1-7th Senior Exams

  • Monday, May 20th Odd block 1, 3, 5, 7 

Lunch -1st block (5th period)

1st period exams, 3rd period exams, 5th class review, 7th class review

  • Tuesday, May 21st Even block 2, 4, 6, ELT

Lunch during 6th period- Last 30 minutes

2nd period exams, 4th period exams, 6th period exams, ELT Study for Exams

  • Wednesday, May 22nd Early release – block day schedule

5th period exams, 7th period exams


1. Senior exams are on Friday. Please make sure that your room is available for ANY senior that has you during your scheduled
period (even if they are exempting the final).

2. If you have questions about the dates/times listed above, please ask for clarification prior to the date listed.

3. All courses will have a final exam. The exam is cumulative and counts for 20% of the students final average for the current

4. Only students meeting the exemption policy are eligible to exempt (PBIS initiative). Our exemption policy is in place to
reward the students who meet the criteria outlined in the student handbook.

a. Exemption Policy: Students may exempt semester exams for subjects in which exemption criteria are met. The
criteria for exemption eligibility are as follows:

10th-11th Class Average     Absences 

C (70-79)                                      0

B (80-89)                                     3 or fewer

A (90-100)                                   5 or fewer

Seniors: Class Average      Absences

C (70-79)                                      0

A or B (80-100)                           5 or fewer

Students assigned in-school suspension or out of school suspension are not eligible for exemption.

For the purpose of exemptions only, two unexcused tardies equals one absence. Absences that are excused by the Co-Curricular, Military, Non-Instructional days or Administrative days do not count against the student for exemption purposes. All other absences count for exemption purposes (Medical, Legal, Excused & Unexcused). Students exempting exams will receive the average of their two nine weeks for the semester exam grade.

b. EOC , EOPA, AP courses do NOT have finals during the Spring (the eoc/eopa score will be used as your final exam

c. Only the classroom teacher can confirm if a student meets the criteria outlined.

d. Students do not have to be present during the exam they are exempting, UNLESS they are already in the the building and have no way home during the exam period. Teachers will only mark students absent during the exam if they were required to take the assessment and were absent. An exemption will not be revoked due to a marking of “absent” during the final exam time. We will not count/take attendance during the review session times. However, if a student is on the campus, they will need to be in the appropriate locations. They gym will be closed.

5. Students must be on time for each exam. Tardy students may receive a zero for the exam. Students may arrive early and wait in the cafeteria. Students may not take exams early unless they have administrative approval based on a legitimate reason. Dates are available in March – please plan for your summer vacation to begin after finals are over.

6. Dress code will be enforced.

7. Bus transportation will be provided as normal – before and after school. Students will not be required to check in/out during the exam days. Attendance will be communicated in the portal based on each individual class period. If students have their parents’ permission to leave campus, they will need to communicate alternate transportation times prior to arrival. The front office will not be allowed to contact classrooms during the day due to various testing situations. Students will not be allowed to leave a testing room until the end of the schedule class time.