Senior year independent year!


Raven Brown has a credit card and she plans on paying for all of her responsibilities. She plan on paying for her college expenses and fees. “I want to be responsible for paying for all of my expenses with m own Navy Federal Debit Card. “

There are 100 of books, movies, and TV shows that portray senior year as a time of independence and growth. It is true that once you hit your senior year you are no longer a small fish in a pond. As a senior, you are a campus leader-it is your responsibility to show underclassmen the ropes. Three years of high school have made you an expert on all secondary education, but you may not know what to expect on the first day of your senior year.

“For some students their senior year of high school will probably be one of the busiest years of their life,” said Keyera Holley (11). For most students this is the last year they will have to spend with their classmates and teachers that have deeply impacted their lives. They just have to remember to make as many memories as possible during our senior year-those memories and moments are the greatest high school souvenirs we can bring with us to college and beyond.

“I just recently got a job. I plan on continuing working over the summer and saving because I know my senior year is coming up,” said Chavis Allen (11). I would like to look back and say “I paid for that my senior year myself,” it is just a great feeling having your own instead of emptying your parent’s pockets all the time. He also said “I plan on paying for some of my college stuff also instead of letting my parents pay for it all.”

“I plan on getting as much as I want when it come to senior packages so I can look back and have memories as I continue to move on,” said Jermaya Scott (11). She also stated,If my parents would like to pay for some of my items I would greatly appreciate it, but I know what it feels like to be independent also.” I just want me senior to be a breeze and I actually enjoy it instead of stressing it.

“All these years (two, to be exact), I have been roaming the hallways aimlessly without a care in the world,” said Jakailyn Poole (10) well it is time to start caring because my time is almost up. I have a job and some colleges in mind and I plan on paying for them myself. I want to be more of an independent person because I feel as if it will help me later on in life.