Powderpuff Wars

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Powderpuff Wars

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Fighting each year for the championship, the students at the high school compete to become reigning champs. The past years it was two rounds, freshman vs sophomores and juniors vs seniors. Whoever won competed in the championship game. This year, the game was changed instead of two rounds there was only one. Juniors vs Seniors. This happened because there were not enough players to play on the Freshman and Sophomore teams.

“To play you need at least eight players.” Melanie Dale (Faculty) said, “We were very skeptical, because we were trying to figure out how the ‘show would go on’ without enough people on the teams”

Seniors had a total of nine girls, Juniors had a total of 16 girls, Sophomores had a total of three girls and freshman had none signed up to participate. April Trussell (Faculty) came up with a great pan, “To make the game interesting and to let everyone have fun we came up with a plan to allow only the juniors and the seniors have a game because they were always rivals.” Trussell said.

To win the game you have to have the most points before the second half is over. There were two twenty minute quarters. The juniors started off rough but was the first to put points on the board by Karli Back (11). Once the game got in motion, the seniors picked up the slack scoring a touchdown by To’Nyiah Ednedy (12) and getting a two point conversion thrown by quarterback, Raven Brown (12), minutes before the first half was over.

During halftime the juniors game plan was simple, “Get the ball to the open receiver and run!” Coach James Hopson (11) said.

The seniors’ plan was a little different, “We need to play traditional football, communicate, execute, and score.”  Offensive Coach Reagan Harrell (12) said.

Going into the second half, both teams had their game faces on. Diamonique Rockwell (12) says “Coach called out plays and the play he called out was the one designed for me to get the ball and dodge it straight to the end zone.”

With this being her last game, she was really excited that that had a play especially designed for her. “I feel like i am apart of something and i made a impact

The game ended with the seniors falling eight to twelve. This was a game to remember. The juniors remain back to back champions. They hope to remain three time champs, for their last year playing.

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