Should you invest in Bitcoin?


Bitcoin investors could possibly be experiencing debt, or they could be millionaires. The wealth that someone has depends on the specific time when they invested in their Bitcoin. As stated by Robby McCartney, “Bitcoin truly is a risk to purchase.”

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that constantly fluctuates in value all the time. This type of currency is considered to be a risk in purchasing, due to the change in supply and demand. However, there are many factors that contribute to the reason why people purchase Bitcoin, people continue to invest all their money in cryptocurrency. People who thinking about purchasing  this currency are taking a huge risk to either gain or lose the money they just invested.

According to, “One Bitcoin cost $5,563.01 and continues to fluctuate.” People typically buy around 100 Bitcoins in one sitting, which averagely cost around $556,301 depending on the time they buy it. The prices fluctuate depending on the demand and the supply of Bitcoin there are. Bitcoins are a risk to investors and people who are willing to buy even one Bitcoin.

However, Landon Henry (11) said “I think it’s stupid, because why spend money on money that you don’t physically have.” What Henry means is that not any average American can simply acquire Bitcoin unless they are multi-millionaires, such as Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates, who have money to spend on anything they wanted.

Landon Henry has read a story where “ It was about a guy who spent 100 Bitcoins on pizza before they were valuable.” Many people have spent hundreds of Bitcoins before they realize how valuable they would become. This low value occurs when the supply is high and the demand is low. However, when the demand is high and the supply is low, value starts to increase, which is the sole reason why people use these for investment purposes rather than spending.

On the other hand, Challis Garey (11) said “If I were offered one Bitcoin, I would take it just because it’s money.” People like Garey accept money in any shape or form, simply because it is currency. However, Bitcoin is cryptocurrency, which is a very different concept compared to foreign currency and normal currency in general.

People agree and disagree with buying or not buying Bitcoin. It is understandable why people would not risk buying it simply because of the price changing all the time and how hard it is to keep up with those prices. However, in the hypothetical chance that people are offered even one Bitcoin, to deny it is also risky. In reality, a person’s desire for Bitcoin is low until a person realizes the true price that one Bitcoin manages to hold depending on supply and demand.