Preparing for AP exams


AP exams can be extremely stressful, but there are certain ways to prepare to do your best.

AP exams are just around the corner for students and the time to get serious about studying is here.

Students get high school credit by passing the class, but the college credit is determined by how they score on the AP exams in May.

Studying for exams, especially those as rigorous as AP, can be extremely difficult, and it is hard to know where to start. It also can make a student get really stressed over the time they are studying and distract them.

Anna Grace Haggerty (12) said, “The best way to prepare is to study throughout the year and make sure you learned the information rather than just ‘memorize’ it.”

Mona Ghimire (11) said, “Teachers are telling us trends and observations they’ve made in the past few years of testing.”

Caroline Taylor (12) said, “My teachers are going over a lot of practice problems from old AP exams.”

According to the Princeton Review, it is best to start with old material and not to rely on your teacher to review everything. If you rely on a teacher they may hit only certain subjects that cause trouble for students and not everything you need for the test.

Getting an AP exam preparation book is also helpful. It reviews material and has multiple practice exams for students to use.

Ghimire also said, “Read through all the books and to take a few practice exams.”

Another thing to consider when preparing is the night before and the day of the exam. The night before is not meant for cramming. It is best to just relax, go to bed early, and maybe read over a few things. It is also a good idea to make sure your things are packed up in your book bag and you have an alarm so you can be stress free the next morning as well.

Ghimire said, “I might look over some material, but not much. If I don’t know it by then, I probably won’t know it.”

Jessi Yeh (11) said, “I pray.”

The day of it is best to eat a good breakfast and be calm. A good mindset to have is to do the best you can and not try and shoot for a certain score. No matter what, you need to try your hardest and be proud of what you do and how much you have put into the year.

Ghimire said, “My mindset is very, ‘if it happens, it happens,’ type. If I don’t do well, that’s okay and if I do, that’s great. I don’t want to stress while taking the test. All the stressing should have been done before testing.”

Taylor said, “During the test, I just try to focus and remember that I’ve learned all the information, I just have to remember it.”

While preparing for the AP exam is extremely important, it is also important to consider what you will do following the exam. At that point, there is nothing you can do to go back and change anything, but it is good to have a plan for what you are going to do afterwards.

Haggerty said, “After the test, the best thing to do is go home and relax and not stress over the test.”

The best thing for a student to do regarding AP exams is to prepare the best way you can for yourself and to make sure you don’t try to cram it all in. It is good to chill out the night before and to relax at home or hang out with friends afterwards.