Top ten best foods

  1. Bacon – Bacon is number #1, because you can eat it for almost every meal. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner you name it and a recipe will have it. For example a good BLT is probably one the best lunch or dinner choices. But mostly bacon is consider a breakfast item, particularly a side for a main dish. Bacon is just amazing and it is a well known fact.
  2. Steak – Steak is number #2 because it is one of the greatest meals to eat, especially with a baked potato. Also just to put this out there, if you like your steak well done just eat some cardboard you will not be able to taste the difference. Majority of people I hope, like their steak medium or medium rare and you people are blessings.
  3. Burgers – Burgers are #3 and i’m not talking about one from a fast food joint but a homemade, just came off the grill maybe a slice of cheese with lettuce, tomato, and onions or whatever you like on a burger. Probably the best burgers ever made from a restaurant Ruby Tuesday or Five Guys. But what do most people cook at parties or get togethers….Burgers!
  4. Fried Chicken – Fried chicken is number  #4 and the best food place to get some kickin’ chicken would have to be Popeyes chicken. Sorry carters yours is good. But Popeye is ten times better and the biscuits are better, so are the french fries and the seasoning make me feel like i’m sitting in Louisiana. Sitting on a shrimp boat with Forrest Gump.
  5. Tacos – Tacos are number #5 and the greatest thing in the world you can add all sorts of toppings in the shell and it’s the most convenient to eat on a family game night.
  6. Ribs – Ribs are number #6 and are one of those special occasion type foods but on a Saturday their the go to course for a college gameday experience.
  7. Pizza – Pizza is number #7 and is all round a great food choice you can eat any day or any time of the week. You can order some for a event or party. Pizza is the ultimate clutch food.
  8. Brownies – Brownies are  number #8 and are one the best desserts beside maybe ice cream or chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies are the best brownies.
  9. French Fries – French Fries are number #9 and is the ultimate go to side food to get when ordering any type of main course meal.
  10. Sushi – Sushi is number #10 and is probably one the greatest seafood ever made point blank period. Crabs legs and all that other stuff can just go.