Top Ten best restaurants



  1. Golden Corral – The reason I like Golden Corral is because of the rolls. They are so good. And this meat they have, I don’t know what it is called, but it is good. Overall, the food there is great.
  2. Captain D’s – The Fish and Shrimp platter is great, and just the place in general. I love seafood, it is my favorite kind of food.
  3. Waffle House – My favorite one of all, I go almost everyday. Their waffle, words can’t explain it. All-star meal sets it off, and the Texas platter; those meals turn you into a man.
  4. Zaxby’s – The hype about Zaxby’s is the Wings n Things, with wings and tenders and fries. It is $10 and definitely worth it.
  5. Subway – The $5 foot long comes in handy after working out or just getting off work. That is all people usually get at Subway anyway.
  6. Hardee’s – The All-star Meal is the reason I love it there. It is so good and a quick meal for when you do not feel like waiting.
  7. Papa Johns – The crust on the pizza always gets me. And the cheese pizza; they just make them different.  
  8. Steak ‘n Shake – You should try th double bacon hamburger meal with A1 sauce. All the burgers there are just good.
  9. Five Guys – Just their burgers in general are amazing. And their fries kind of taste like peanuts.
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings- The traditional wings. The make the best wings.