State Skills Competition

With the state skills competition being last Friday, March 22. The SkillsUSA club had some good intentions in bringing something home and one competitor just did that. Tye Smith (11) placed third in carpentry. Smith said, “I’m glad I was able to represent our school well especially in a state competition and not come home empty handed.”

In the metal sculpting there were some hopes that came up short as our team from the category didn’t place. Story (faculty), the welding instructor, said, “I’m a little disappointed in not winning anything with our smoker, it was very time consuming project, but i’m very proud of the guys who put in the time and effort for it to be done, wouldn’t want another group of kids to do it with.”  

With with the many categories to compete in; welding, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry are a couple out of a lot and as the club calls it a another success year in the books. With almost every competition they have attended has had someone place in almost 2 to 3 categories at that competition.

When asking our third place winner what could you take back from your skills and perfect to be better, Smith says, “Be more prepared for next year by having a routine and not getting hung up on parts I’ve seen before.”