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This took place last week on Tuesday afternoon for the youth, mainly for the upcoming Trojans on the new season. The community is very excited about the upcoming season, after the Trojans playing one of their best seasons this year they went 15-0 first time in Trojan history.

This young group has big plans after the seniors that just left they have big shoes to fill and after watching them, a lot of people are depending on these guys and they will not disappoint. They lost 42 seniors and 20 signed their letter of intent to head off to play college ball this fall so overall it was a lot of history made the last 2 years, but this year man it was wild.

Speed training is the first look at the upcoming Trojans of that year and the ones coming up in the following years. It is basically for the coaches to see how they move around, because some have not even touched the field since the season and some don’t even work out.

Speed training is not mandatory, but Hamilton (faulty) said, “Beneficial, important to learn the different aspects and phases of running. Everything from toes up to how to breath and use your arms.”

That is the best definition you can get from a great coach who is very passionate about the game. A couple players that are some young leaders who are Baron Hopson (10), Chauncey Magwood (10).

Magwood said “I must be there, we have lead these guys even though we’re young we still have kids looking up to us so we matured more earlier than most because we were on a mission since we started playing this game.”

They want this team to be successful even after their long gone away from here and it will be and the community believes in that. Their confidence is up were on top now. They know it starts at speed training, so do not miss out doing something that won’t benefit the team or accomplishing a long term goal.

Stay on top of things and put in the work especially after what these last two classes did, people are looking for a three-peat and what are they going to do? Let the work done in the dark come to light on Friday nights.  

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