YouTube and chill


Trojan 19 yearbook staff members working hard to tell the story of the school year and include every student.

Forget Netflix and chill, what about YouTube and chill? YouTube is a video-sharing platform and their numbers have grown in the past few years. They rank 2nd for most used social network and search engine. With 19 billion users on the site, each one can watch hours of videos for education or just entertainment purposes. YouTube has many features for content creators and users like streaming from YouTube, using a YouTube studio for them to edit their videos before posting and users can a buy a monthly premium subscription to watch movies or shows. Even our student news channel is on YouTube as well.

But when asking students around Lee County High if they prefer YouTube over Netflix, there were some surprising responses.

On his way to lunch, Ethan Bunn (12),who has a Netflix account for his entertainment purpose said, “Generally I like Netflix more than YouTube because my favorite show, Peaky Blinders, is on there and I just can not stop watching it. I usually do not spend that much time on it, maybe a couple episodes or so.”   

Tyler Pantone (12) who disagrees with Bunn says that YouTube is better than Netflix and said, “YouTube is better for two reasons, it is free so you can watch unlimited videos for how long you want to and plus they give you video options that you like and are able to choose from.”

YouTube and Netflix statistic show that YouTube attracts 33% of the internet every day, but Netflix pulls in a whopping 37% of internet users everyday and their is close competition in the market for these to platforms. With YouTube being the oldest platform in the market and Netflix coming from mailing DVDs to customer, to being one the most used platforms in the world. Both have came a long way.