The truth behind technology


Social media is not a new thing. However, the growth in its popularity is. Many people use social media and while it can be a very good tool it has its negative effects also.

The growth in popularity has also caused a growth in cyber bullying. While many are trying to fight against bullying in schools and in person, there is not much that can be done about bullying online.  

Social media can be a great place for people that are beginning to pursue their passion to show their work to others. “People are able to share things that they have created — artists, painters, musicians, etc.,” Megan Steur (12) said.  

Social media is a great place to find out information. Whether people want to get in touch with loved ones that are far away or keep up with how an old friend is doing they can do so on social media.

It has many different platforms and most times if someone uses it at all they are on more than one of these. Sabrina Edwards (12) says that she uses “Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.” It is not uncommon for many people, teenagers in general, to be on social media during most of their free time.

While social media can be a great tool it can also be a very dark place for people to be. Most of the time people either have had problems on social media personally or they know someone who has.

All of the platforms are used by a wide number of people. For some people though, they use as protection to bully others or cause unwanted drama. “There is a lot of drama,” Edwards said.

Social media is used by churches to give updates about activities going on. Schools use it to shoutout students and teachers and also to notify parents and students about school closings. It is much easier to post one thing on social media to let a big group know than to message the entire group one at a time.

While posting about events and things of that matter is a plus side of social media. Some people take it too far, they post about everything they do. Like when they are planning on being gone which leaves their homes very vulnerable to the bad people that lurk on the networks.

People have to be careful about what they post online because once you post something it never really goes away. Second, there is really no way of ever truly knowing who is watching what is posted. “You never know who someone really is,” Steur said, “they can be acting as someone they are not.”