The vitality of photography to the future

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The vitality of photography to the future

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In the great span of time, photography has not been around very long. The importance of photography has been proven since the beginning of its use and will still be important for generations into the future.

“[It] captures the feeling in a moment that would be overlooked,” said Alex Kirksey (11).

Photography was first invented around 1824 and was mainly used for portraits. As time went on and advancements occurred, the camera has been used to document history in both its horrific and beautiful times.

Photography allowed the average civilian to see the truth of war, people to see the harsh realities in a fight for civil rights and the average life of people living on the other side of the world.

Cameras are becoming more advance, taking not only pictures but also video documenting our history as we make it. It is vital to use the camera to preserve these times and the times to come.

“You are not just capturing and image, you are capturing memories and the beauty of a moment,” said Kaitlyn Evans (11).

Photography is almost like another way of communication that crosses even the hardest of language barriers sharing images of world’s that may never have been visited by many average people.

“Without photography we’re not reminded of what we did. It helps us to remember how beautiful something actually was. In history, it helps us to be reminded of the wars and the crisis that happened. Photography helps us see where we got our traits from if parents or grandparents are not present anymore. Photography reminds us what people looked like if they’ve passed. Photography helps us see our growth and maturity,” said Christina Wynn (11).

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