Things people never tell students about the gap year

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Things people never tell students about the gap year

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The gap year before college can be a very controversial subject. Some people think that it is the best choice and some think that it is a horrible idea. Some people believe that the gap year between graduating high school and starting college can be a good time for students to decide if college is the best path for them. Others believe that it can cause students to lose focus of what their goals are.

“I did not take a gap year before college,” Ronnie Rich (faculty) said, “I did not want to lose my focus and I was a little concerned that if I stopped I’d never pick it back up.” While college is not for everybody the students that do go have to make a choice between heading to college straight out of high school or waiting for a little while.

The gap year can give students the opportunity to save up for college so that they have more time to focus on their school work while attending college. During the gap year though, a student could come to the conclusion that college is not something that they want to pursue. While this is not a bad thing, the choice could mean that they will no longer be able to do what they have wanted to do their entire life up until that point because they like the freedom that the gap year gave them.

The longer people wait to start college,the longer it takes them to build their career. If students do not take a gap year and just go straight to college they will have less responsibilities to worry about while they are getting their education. There are many things that happen later on in life that make it difficult to make the decision to attend college like a significant other or possibly even children.

“I wanted to complete my degrees while still young and single” Ed Reaves (faculty) said, “I encourage students to go to college as soon as possible while they are in the habit of studying, while they are debt-free and young.”

Most times when people graduate college they jump straight into trying to build a career and a life for themselves. The gap year gives them a break in between. The gap year can give a student the chance to decompress before jumping into an even harder schooling environment – leaving home for the first time, having to crack down and do their work on time, and making themselves wake up on time for class – and then eventually a career.

“Leaving for college is not for all” Christy Greene (Faculty). Some people jump straight into college after high school and dropout because they were not ready for it. The gap year is not for everybody, but for some people it is the only thing that gets them through college. Depending on what happens during the gap year that students take it could either help them with college or make them not want to go at all.

“Taking a little bit of time off to go into the military and do some growing up is a good thing”, Coach Rich said, “it enables them to be a lot more focused when they get to school and to succeed” Coach Rich (Faculty).

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