Colquitt welding competition


Mr. Story (faculty)

Nothing but smiles and cheers as Aubrey Mathis (12) takes home first place and a full ride to Tulsa. Under class men Ben Mccary and Adam Philips will take 3rd and 2nd home .

On March 8, Skills welding will be going to Colquitt County High to compete in their welding competition, which will be sponsored by Tulsa Welding School and Lincoln. Lee Skills will be taking 12 competitors to compete for a scholarship, a welder and other prizes. Chandler Layfield (12), who is going to be attending the competition, was asked about if he was gonna make a career out of his skills in iron works, Layfield says, “I’m going to be attending Tulsa this upcoming summer and going for a certificate in welding and pipe-fitting, so yes.”

With the state competition coming around the corner on March 22, Patrick Dollar (11) along with Ben Mccary (11), Christian Stycks (11) are going to state for welding display.

When asked how ready they are for it Dollar says “I personally can’t wait to go especially for the experience and fun, but to bring home a state banner and medal with my peers would be legendary.” That being said, the trio is currently working on a fully functioning smoker to take to the state competition with meeting some requirements, as being under 4 feet and other measurements.

With every skills team competition there is a banner to take home for the skills teacher and students. A student will usually win a banner for a category they place first in and a teacher like “Mr. Wanner (Faculty) loves to collect them as he has 3 or 4 to his name.”

It is not just some banner, but a resemblance to how the teacher taught the student the skills well enough for them to perform it their best an in a safe and right profession.