T-Series VS PewDiePie


Everyone’s favorite website: YouTube. For the longest time, PewDiePie has been ranked with the most subscribers. However, T-Series -another Youtuber- rises to challenge PewDiePie. As stated by PewDiePie himself, “may the games commence.'”

Over the past few months, two YouTubers compete for first place for the most subscribers. The two are “PewDiePie” and “T-Series.” Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, commonly known as PewDiePie, has ranked number one on YouTube with over 86 million subscribers. However, recently T-Series, a Indian music company has the same number of subscribers that Kjellberg has. Who will outrank the other is the controversy that has occurred over the past few months.

Zachary Payne (11) said, “I’ve watched PewDiePie for years and I would attempt to sue or block T-Series if they outrank him.” Subscribers of Kjellberg are influenced directly because they are typically people who have viewed him for years and enjoy his content. These people never had to be afraid or worried about competition against Kjellberg because they figured he will remain at the top with no trouble. In this instance however, T-Series appears out of nowhere to compete against Kjellberg.

Jaden Harris (11) said, “I have seen some of T-Series’ content, and I have to say it was not enough to compete with PewDiePie unless you know what they are saying.” What Harris means by this is that people who originate from India will enjoy T-Series’ more than those who don’t understand the language or culture. This correlates to the population of India which is 1.339 billion according to a census done in 2017. As T-Series gains more and more subscribers from this population, it affects the number difference between the two YouTubers.

As stated by Felix Kjellberg, “T-Series is only thousands of subscribers away from overthrowing my throne that I have had for so long.” In disappointment and shock, Kjellberg has recorded several videos that correlate to his challenger as an attempt to gain subscribers for himself and cause him to lose subscribers.

However, the exact opposite happens which now cause a fluctuation in subscribers between both of the YouTubers. Kjellberg also believes that T-Series is unaware of his approach to becoming number one which frustrates Kjellberg because it took him years to get where he is now.

As both of the YouTubers fight for first place, conflict arises in the community and causes people to choose one side or either. As this conflict occurs, people continue to argue which YouTuber they see as number one and give their explanation as to why. With these different views constantly being altered, PewDiePie ranks supreme only for the moment, which is what the majority of what people want anyway.