DECA Students Disco into State

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DECA Students Disco into State

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On February 14, 13 DECA students traveled to Atlanta. These students stayed for three days and competed in the state competition. There were also several leadership workshops that were also attended.

The trip started with a visit to the original Chick Fil-A Dwarf House for lunch. After lunch, they visited the Chick Fil-A headquarters and toured the facility. The tour included an exclusive view of Truett Cathy; the founder of CFA’s “Treehouse” office.

Students learned about Chick Fil-A’s servant leadership practices and were able to see their lessons from the marketing classes in action.

There were four teams competing in the Team Decision Making division and three individual competitors. There were also two student representatives in the leadership workshops.

The teams and individual competitors competed in the following categories:

  • Ayanna Newberry (11) and Lindsey Ethridge (12): Hospitality Services
  • Sara Kate Kirkland (11) and Shelby Nix (11): Marketing Management
  • Dinma Ohamadike (9) and Payton Kierce (9): Principles of Marketing
  • Michael Stull (10) and Jordan Davis (10): Travel and Tourism
  • Anna Prince (9): Principles of Business Management and Administration
  • Carolyne Mclean (9): Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Reese Smith (9): Principles of Finance

All students had competition times from as early as 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Teams are given 30 minutes to read their roleplay and come up with a plan for that particular scenario. Some examples of a roleplay include assuming the position of a marketing director, hotel staff, etc. The roleplay derives from the category the competitors are in.

Individual competitors are given 15 minutes to review their roleplay. Each competitor or team is given fifteen minutes with a judge to present their ideas or plans and to answer any follow up questions the judges may have.

When asked his feelings right up to presenting to the judge, Jordan Davis (10) said he was “extremely nervous! The people around us were practicing and we had no clue what they were talking about. We still did very well even though we didn’t place.”

Davis’ partner, Michael Stull (10) said “we had no clue how we thought we would do, but we did have fun competing.”

After competing, the students had the afternoon to explore the hotel and the Peachtree Center connected to the hotel. Later that night all DECA students at the hotel participated in a silent disco.

This is how a silent disco works: everyone receives headphones that have three channel options. The three channels were represented by colors and every station was playing a different song. It was the first time DECA held a silent disco. Since there were so many students attending the competition, the disco was split into two sessions.

Awards were held on that Saturday morning. There was one representative from Lee County to qualify for the international competition or ICDC. Reese Smith (9) placed in her category.

Smith said “At first my mouth dropped wide open from excitement and then I realized I had to get up. I was shaking the whole way up there but I felt really good.”

This trip had one of the biggest groups Lee County has ever brought. They expect to have the same, if not more, students joining them in next year’s competition season.

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