Humans of Lee: Up Close and Personal with Abby Hughes


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Abby Hughes (11) throws her 500th pitch in softball for Lee County.

In Lee County there are lots of different students that aspire to do great things. There are also many that are doing just that here and now, while still in high school. One of these students is Abby Hughes (11).

Hughes is a junior, taking advanced courses, part of the student government association, active in sports, and a member of a local youth ministry not to mention various other clubs. Being a part of so many organizations has helped Hughes to become a leader in her school and community.

Hughes started seriously playing softball when she was seven and always knew that she wanted to be the girl in the center pitching the ball. She knew from a young age what she wanted to do and also knew early in her sports career that she wanted to play for Georgia Tech.

Hughes decided on Georgia Tech. because the coaches and players made them feel like one of their own and she knew the education she would receive there would be one of the best around.

Hughes said, “Immediately when I stepped on campus I knew it was the place for me.”

The softball coach asked Hughes to visit and the next thing she knew she was on her way to an unofficial visit for Georgia Tech. She later committed to play softball for the school.

“[It] was definitely humbling and a huge honor,” Hughes said, “I could not be more grateful for the opportunity.”

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Hughes has also been active in the schools student government. She is currently the Vice President of the student body. She has always wanted to be a part of the school’s student government in order to make the school the best that it can be. She ran for student body Vice President in order to prepare for next year.

April Trussell (faculty) said, “As a member of SGA, Abby is always the first to volunteer to help.  She was a big leader in organizing homecoming activities. . . Even with her busy schedule, she is willing to serve.”

“I want to make the school a safer place for students, and make people feel like they can be themselves within our school and don’t have to be ashamed of themselves,” Hughes said.

In the future Hughes plans on pursuing softball even after her college years and possibly play in the pro-league for a few years and become a part of the Olympic team.

However her future after college is not going to be all about softball. She plans on becoming an aerospace or nuclear engineer.

Her high school academics, especially her science classes, have helped her prepare for the possibility of engineering. They have challenged her in many ways and her teachers have taught her so much over the years.

Abby is a great student because she is always willing to try, regardless of the challenge.  If it is challenging, she asks questions and keeps on trying,” Trussell said. “Her dedication and willingness to try keep her moving in the right direction.”

She has taken many advanced courses, a lot of them being science classes that have challenged her and prepare her, each in its own way.

Hughes could not do everything she does without being committed. She focuses on how her present is effecting her future. By staying focused and working hard she is preparing for a fulfilling future.

“I live by a quote my parents have told me since I was little,” Hughes said, “‘You can either play hard now and work had later, or you can work hard now and play hard later.’“

Another aspect of her life that means a lot to her is her friendships. Her friends have been supportive of her throughout her journey.

“I have been blessed by God with such an amazing group of friends that have supported me every step of the way,” said Hughes, “I could not be more grateful for them.”

In her free time Hughes does a variety of things. She plays softball, hangs out with friends and family, going to church, or just enjoying the outdoors.

She also loves theatre. Hughes believes that everyone can connect to the story in one way or another.

“I am always blown away by the talent,” Hughes said.

Hughes has spent a lot of time at the high school with various people in various situations since she was a Trojan but since being an on campus sophomore to know there is one important thing she has learned in her time here.

“I have learned how to deal and embrace diversity,” Hughes said. “Our school is so diverse and has greatly impacted me and will help me embrace diversity in life.”